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Strange dream

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Додано: 09.03.2016 Додав: Nива  текстів: 2
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Once I had a strange dream. Or I haven`t a slept. I was sitting in a dark cold room without furniture. It was like a prison than a normal build. I can`t go out. I tried everything but the walls still have been closed. It seems hopeless. I had a lot of time, so was thinking about this place. And suddenly a girl`s voice said.
“Why are you sitting here? You are bored, aren`t you?”
I was shocked and didn`t answer to her.
“Silent. Hey, boy, are you dumb? Do you understand me?”
I nodded. She smiled.
“Good. So I`ll be with you.”
She sat down opposite me. We were separated by iron bars. Torches were burning in the hallway. It appeared as like magic. The girl rocked on the chair and smiled. She is my age, or younger than me. She has a shot bobbed hair and an .....

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