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Сканував: Ростислав Мельників, Максим Тарнавський Джерело: Літературний ярмарок. — 1928
Coelum, non animum mutant qui trans mare currunt.

… only dull, thick-headed, loquacious idiots. Thus, landscape cannot be adequately treated in the litterature in the usual descriptive way. But if some writer should by chance come across the idea of shifting the reciprocal roles of the landscape and the acting persons, it would be quite a different thing. The persons, treated as mere eardboard puppets, as moving decorations can nevertheless impart proper movement to a description of a landscape (because of the natural tendency of the reader to follow their ways, as if they were real living people) and so a «Landscape-novel» could be made quite readable. But such a thing has still never been deliberately attempted.

(From an unpublished essay on «Lands .....

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